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Australia study visa
Australia work permit 
Australia is one of growing destinations in the world for international students as well as the professionals.Every year, thousands of people flock to Australia in the wake of turning their dreams into realities because this amazing country brings them hospitality, friendly natives, cultural diversity, and ultimately a quality lifestyle.
You might know about Australia as a land of outback locations, a home to unique species such as kangaroos, duck-billed platypuses andkoalas, offering amusing and healthy living. However, this country bordered by the Indian and pacific oceans, has a lot more to offer to everyone fromexpatriates to students and professionals.
Students usually prefer Australia over any other European country because of its temperate culture of accepting the immigrants with a friendly nature. Another reason is the quality of education system operating in the country without the negatives of racismand intolerance.

How many intakes for international students are there in Australia?

There are 2 intakes for international students who wants to study in Australia. Australian academic institutions normally take foreign students during the month of February and July. But, there are a few institutions that offer multiple intakes and you can apply there during the months of September and November. However, the best practice is to start your application process 7 to 8 months before the intake period commence. Australian universities normally take around 4 to 6 weeks for processing of the received applications from the international students.

Reasons to Choose Australia for Immigration:

Enlisted below are some of the key reasons people from around the world move to Australia:
Growing Destination:
Australia is world’s one of the most moderate country with the highest standards of living. By every passing year, it is becoming the most convincing hotspot for the immigrants from different parts of the world. It ranks third after USA and UK as the most popular destination for foreign nationals looking for the best study and job opportunities in the English speaking world.It is the dream destination for a lot many of the international students because of high-quality education, friendliness of the natives and also the cultural diversity that help them in their grooming process.
Global Recognition:
The international students and workers prefer Australia because its institutions offer globally recognized degrees and companies operating in the country stand tall amongst the international industry. Once you have a degree from an Australian university, you will be considered amongst the highly sought after graduates to be hired by the internationally acknowledged organizations.This is all because of the globally established, impressive reputation Australian academic institutions and Australian government’s carefully regulated international businesses, companies and organizations to maintain high standards of education and professional work associated with the country.
Academic& Jobs Diversity:
Australian institutions offer a range of professional degrees and technical courses for the international students. As far as international job seekers are concerned, the Australian employment industry offers them a variety of job opportunities in all fields of life. Now, as per your academic background and choice, you can pick any course in any university or school in Australia and same holds true for the skillful professionals. But, make a well-informed decision and select an institution or company that cater to all your needs and interests. International students can also opt for English language training or any other vocational education. They can also easily change one institution to another, but under the same course they have been enrolled in the first place.
Cost of Living:
The standard of living in Australia falls amongst the countries with the highest ranking in this regard.But, the best thing is that the tuition costs and the living expenses in Australia are considerably lower compared to the UK and USA. And, the employees in Australia get good salaries along with additional perks. The international scholars and researchers can also work part-time along with pursuing their academic career allowing them to take the best care of their tuition and living costs for the period they are staying in Australia.As an international student in Australia you can work 20 hours a week. Moreover, the outstanding international students in Australia can also get the benefit of scholarships so as to cope with their cost of studying in the country.

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