Clickbank and Classified Sites

Clickbank and Classified Sites

You can find car listing everywhere, there are like 1000000 Classified sites online, and you can find 1000000 cars on every website.
Best converting website for me was Kokokus, I sold at least 1 report per day there. Visit Kokokus
When you search for car owners search for cars sorted by owners only, not by dealers, because you want to sell these reports to some casual people, not car shop.
When you find some used car send mail to seller with something like this:

” Hey man, I saw your Kokokus listing for HIS CAR NAME, I want to know, is everything ok with your car right now? ”

Something like that, you can make your own template, and just change Car name every time you send it.
Wait 1-2 hours after your first mail and if they don’t respond send them something like this:

” Hey, I really like your can and I’m interested in buying it, but I would like to get your car report first. I would like to make sure that car haven’t had any serious issues before. Send me your car report please, on my mail. If you don’t have your car report, I’d recommend getting one from VinAudit –  Your Clickbank affiliate link here  – , I’ve used it in the past when I sold my old Ford, it works really well and it’s really cheap too. Mail me your car report and I will contact you tonight to figure out everything. “.

Of course, english is not my native language so you should probably make some better template for these mails, to convince them to buy these car reports.

How much money can I make with this method?

You can make anywhere from 0 to 1000$ per day with this method, it depends on how many car owners do you contact every day.
If you contact 10-20 owners every day you will sell maybe one or two reports, and you will make 6-12$.
I started making money with this method 11 months ago and I made over 5000$ with it, and I contact maybe 10 car owners every day.
More than 5 000 new car listings are listed on Kokokus every day, and you should contact at least 50 car owners every day.
You can make easy 50$ every day, and you should try other Classified Sites too, not just Kokokus.

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